Some recent issues Odinbrook Global Advisors has helped clients with include:

  • The  board doesn't have the experience to handle this crisis alone.
  • Lenders aren't being flexible and are behaving irrationally.
  • Management's projections don't seem credible.
  • The market isn't as receptive to the refinancing proposal as the investment bankers had  hoped.
  • Company just missed numbers and the banks are going to flip out.
  • The new forecast model is showing there might not be enough cash for the next bond payment.
  • Bond debt is trading at low prices and restructuring professionals keep calling our company.
  • "We MUST win this litigation or it's a disaster".
  • Trade creditors are complaining to the finance department about late payments.
  • Our mezzanine capital raise didn't even generate a term sheet proposal.
  • We're selling a division and buyers keep asking to do a deal "in a 363 sale"
  • A new set of bondholders is listening to our earnings calls.
  • We just received a letter alleging an event of default under our bond indenture.

Sound familiar?    We listen.

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